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Smart wireless Charger Pad Stand Speaker Lamp Alarm Clock Charging for iPhone and Samsung

Smart wireless Charger Pad Stand Speaker Lamp Alarm Clock Charging for iPhone and Samsung

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• Fast Charging :Charge your devices quickly with a maximum output power of 15W.

• Dual Functionality :This wireless charger pad stand also doubles as a speaker and RGB night light lamp.

• Compatibility :Compatible with Apple iPhone, Samsung, and Xiaomi devices.

• Convenient Charging :With a Type C connector, this charger is easy to use and comes with a USB cable.

*It works for ALL Phones that support wireless charging !!!

*We have Two version(No battery or built-in battery),so please carefully to choose what you need.

NO Battery version: Should be charging all the time when using;

Built-in Battery version: When use the speaker function,do not need to be charging all the time,and play time about 2-5hours.

Compared to other imitations, our Upgraded to have follow advantage:

1.15W max wireless charging;others only 10W max.

2.Wake up light

3.Musical rhythm

4.for Apple Bluetooth automatic time synchronization function

5.Built-in Microphone,support handsfree to call; Bluetooth call function

6.Our Patented genuine product: The battery has a protective plate, which provides protection for overcharging, discharging, and overcurrent. Others Infringement products: The battery does not have a protective plate, and if discharged excessively, it cannot be turned on. Overcharged batteries are prone to bulging, which can cause significant safety hazards even if they catch fire

7.Net weight: 250g(Upgrade to Mini Size)

8.Product size: 15*15*5.5cm (Upgrade to Mini Size)

Function description: 15W Fast wireless charging,atmosphere lamp, bedside lamp, dazzling light effect, Bluetooth audio, handsfree to call; Wake up light;Musical rhythm;speaker play and Aux, TF ,Time, for Apple Bluetooth automatic time synchronization function;Alarm Clock mode.


1.For fast charging experience and Use all function at the same time, please use QC 3.0 power adapter.

2.Press the Second key for 3 seconds to power on.


1. wireless output: 5w-7. 5w-10w-15w (Max)

2. Bluetooth audio power: 5W

3. Lighting mode: 9 ligth modes

4.Bluetooh Version : 5.0

5. Transmission distance: 5-10mm

6. Net weight: 250g(Upgrade to Mini Size)

7. product size: 15*15*5.5cm (upgrade to mini size)

8. It has Bluetooth Speaker function , AUX , TF Cardmodes , you can choice your favor.

9.Please Charging all the time if you want to use the wireless charging function. The built-in battery only enough support for bluetooth speaker to play.

Package Included:

1* wireless charging

1* Type C Charging cable

1*User Manual

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