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Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Multifunction

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Multifunction

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1. Swivel the floor for higher efficiency

The wiping disc rotates at a high speed to wipe the dirt onto the wiping towel. The wiping force is strong and the cleaning depth is deeper. The round-trip strong wiping mode strengthens the mopping effect. The wiping disc is surrounded by 360 ° wiping towel, and the face cleaning machine is large at one time

2. Humidifying spray function, with purple light at the bottom

Our sweeping machine is equipped with spray function, which can carry out spray humidification while sweeping the floor. As the machine moves, it can wet the air in every corner and turn on the purple light at the same time

3. Automatic cleaning collision turn around, low noise and quiet life

The sweeper starts automatic cleaning, which is low noise and clean in case of steering obstruction, and will not disturb your life at the same time

4.1500 mA large capacity, easy to handle large household

With large-capacity battery, the battery life is longer

5. Don't panic if you have pets at home. The mopping robot will help you

The mopping robot can absorb the hair dropped by pets, clean up dirty footprints, etc


Product name: sweeping robot

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Duration: 3 hours

Package size: 36.5cm * 8cm * 27.5cm

Power: 5.4W

Weight: 1.1kg

Package list:

Sweeping Robot*1

Charging line*1


1.Due to the light and monitors effect, colors may have lightly difference.

2. Please allow 0.5-1cm errors due to manual measurement. Thank you for your understanding!

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