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Smart Automatic Electric Dumpling Machine

Smart Automatic Electric Dumpling Machine

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• Automatic Dumpling Machine :This dumpling machine is fully automatic, making it easy to produce a large number of dumplings in a short amount of time.

• Electric Dumpling Machine :The electric dumpling machine is powered by a motor, which makes it easier to use and more efficient than manual dumpling machines.

• Rapid Prototyping Mold :The rapid prototyping mold allows you to quickly and easily create dumplings of various shapes and sizes, making it perfect for experimenting with different recipes.

• Home Dumpling Machine :This dumpling machine is designed for use in the home, making it a great addition to any kitchen and allowing you to enjoy homemade dumplings whenever you want.

• Full-automatic operation :The dumpling machine is designed for full-automatic operation, making it easy to produce dumplings in large quantities without any manual effort.

• Special tool for making dumplings :This dumpling machine is a special tool that is specifically designed for making dumplings, ensuring that they are made perfectly every time.

• Small and compact size :The small size of this dumpling machine makes it easy to store in any kitchen, even the smallest ones, without taking up too much space.

• Electric powered :The dumpling machine is electric powered, which means it can be used without the need for any manual effort, making it perfect for busy kitchens.


Product Name: Full-automatic dumpling maker for household use

Material: ABS PC

Color: Light Gray

Weight: 400g

Charging mode:USB

Endurance:High Capacity Battery, long life

Points to note:Don't soak it in water


Packing list:Electric dumplings, brush, pick spoon, charging line, manual

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